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Novajoy Birthing - Met behulp van regie en kennis een vreugdevol nieuw begin creëren met de geboorte van je baby!

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Relaxed Bevallen Vanuit Regie® – Relaxed Birthing In Control. Approaching childbirth with confidence

Who is this program for?

Relaxed Birthing In Control® is a comprehensive program that is ideal for individuals seeking a wealth of information and practical knowledge to ensure the best possible start for their child. But it’s not just about the child; it also focuses on the well-being of the parents themselves. This program is intended for those who want to maintain control during this unique experience and take responsibility into their own hands.

If you long for a calm and gentle transition for your child, without neglecting yourself, then preparation is the key to success. This preparation goes beyond just choosing the birthing location. It’s about the atmosphere, the ambiance, and the overall experience. It’s not just about the end result of childbirth, but also about the journey to get there. With this program, no matter what kind of birth you expect, you will be able to take control of the childbirth experience and maintain control.

Do you also dislike comments like, “I had no control”, “Preparing is pointless, it always turns out differently” or “My childbirth was negative/difficult/traumatic for xyz reason”? I fully understand! My goal is to teach couples techniques to maintain control and prepare for virtually any situation. This way, they can give their childbirth experience a more positive turn, even if it turns out completely differently than they had hoped.

Additionally, this program is designed to cater to the needs of expats navigating a new healthcare system, providing them with valuable insights and guidance tailored to their unique circumstances.

What does "Relaxed Birthing In Control®" mean exactly?

Relaxed Birthing In Control® is a comprehensive program that fully prepares you for pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Have you considered how you want to prepare for childbirth? Maybe you think preparation is futile because you’re uncertain about how it will unfold. Or perhaps you prefer to avoid it due to the anticipation, maybe even fear, stemming from stories you’ve heard or a previous negative experience.

Did you know that thorough preparation is crucial?

Many negative childbirth experiences arise from a sense of losing control, but you can influence this by understanding your options and how the process might unfold. I can assist you in transforming your thoughts into a birth plan that’s adaptable and suitable for various scenarios.

Research indicates that understanding how to create a supportive environment, knowing the normal childbirth process, and being aware of your choices if things deviate, contribute to feeling in control during childbirth. This significantly boosts the likelihood of a positive experience, regardless of the course of childbirth.

The postpartum period is also pivotal for your family, especially for expats adjusting to a new healthcare system, did you know, for example, that we have “Kraamzorg”? It’s a significant transition, particularly for first-time parents, but also for those with subsequent children. How will it be for the expectant father or the non-carrying mother? Together, we can explore how to balance caring for your child with other responsibilities, such as work.

Currently, one in five women in the Netherlands recalls their childbirth negatively. One of the aims of “Relaxed Birthing In Control” is to enhance the chances of a positive experience by empowering you to maintain control and acquainting you with your options and rights, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Additionally, we’ll cover practical techniques like breathing and relaxation exercises to aid you during contractions. Cultivating a positive mindset is also integral to the course.

This is what the program looks like:

Online or 1-on-1: The program can be followed online in a group or individually, or individually at your home. For the 1-on-1 program, the dates (and location) can be arranged in consultation, so feel free to contact me via the WhatsApp button or schedule an appointment using the designated button (Maak belafspraak).

Participation Period: Ideally between 20 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. Later participation is possible but will be subject to discussion (on whatsapp or through a “belafspraak”) and is only available on a 1-on-1 basis.

Duration and Content: The program consists of 4 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, including a break. The sessions are designed to be attended with your (birth) partner and include:

  • Hypnobirthing tools
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Tips and additional information sent via email after each session, such as book recommendations, podcasts, meditations, specially produced music, and interesting reference materials. This ensures that you are fully prepared for your childbirth and the postpartum period.

Teaching Method: During the sessions, the focus is on exchanging information and engaging in discussions. While a small number of exercises are conducted during the sessions, most exercises are intended to be done at home so that you can attend the course in your regular clothing.

Rates and Reimbursement: The rates for participating in the online group program are fixed, while the rate for the 1-on-1 program online and at your home depends on your specific needs. You can reserve a 1-on-1 spot (only limited spots available each month) on the designated pages with a down payment of €350,- which is the price of the online group class. Otherwise, I will lose money if you decide not to proceed with the 1-on-1 sessions when you receive the invoice. This amount will be deducted from your total amount. Some additional insurance plans may reimburse a portion of the costs. You can inquire with your health insurance provider to see if you qualify.

Partner Involvement: Although individual participation is possible, it is recommended to participate together with your birth partner. This way, your partner can also benefit from the knowledge you gain and get acquainted with the tools that can help you. This ensures that you are both optimally prepared for childbirth because teamwork truly makes the difference!

Additionally, for expats, understanding the Dutch maternity care system and how to navigate it effectively will be incorporated into the program to provide comprehensive support.

This is what you can expect to learn during the program:

Maintaining control over your body: You will learn step by step how to maintain control over many aspects of your childbirth, even if things unfold differently than expected.

Self-care and balancing work and caring for yourself and your baby: You will gain insight into your rights and how to care for yourself and your unborn baby, even in conjunction with work obligations.

Coping with contractions: You will learn techniques to manage contractions so that they do not overwhelm you and you maintain confidence.

Understanding the normal childbirth process: You will gain insight into how a normal delivery progresses and what to expect.

Dealing with unexpected situations: You will learn what to do if things deviate from expectations so that you don’t get lost in a maze of protocols and advice.

Confidence and positive expectations: You will learn to approach your childbirth with confidence and even look forward to it.

Communication with maternity care professionals: You will receive tips and tools to communicate effectively, even with unfamiliar caregivers or under time pressure, beneficial especially for expats navigating a new healthcare system.

Knowledge of different childbirth positions: You will learn about various positions you can adopt during childbirth.

Cultivating a positive mindset: By consciously considering your wishes and goals, you create a positive mindset that stimulates behavioral changes in your subconscious mind.

Involvement of your birth partner: Your partner will also receive tips and tools to support you during childbirth based on what you both have learned.

Experience with relaxation exercises: You will perform various small exercises to experience that relaxation techniques and tools really work, allowing you to approach your childbirth with more confidence and relaxation, benefiting the childbirth process.


Understand that thorough preparation is crucial, even when childbirth is unpredictable. But you are still searching for the perfect preparation that suits you.

Crave awareness of your own desires.

Want to learn how to communicate effectively with your healthcare provider about your preferences, so that everyone feels comfortable, particularly essential for expats navigating a new healthcare system.

Feel the need to approach childbirth self-aware and with realistic expectations.

Strive to understand what is possible and allowed, but also to express your own wishes and needs in collaboration with your healthcare provider.

Wish to be aware of all your rights regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding in relation to work.

Seek a birth plan that is flexible in all circumstances, regardless of how childbirth unfolds. You may even consider writing a plan B and C.

Want to develop a positive mindset and learn how to cope with various relaxation techniques.


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